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Sections are subject associations that work towards specific programs.

Not only are they Rindi's eyes and ears in the classroom, coordinating class representatives, the sections also organize subject-specific events, such as theme parties, homework help nights and competitions.


Even if the sections work towards a specific area, everyone is free to choose their own section!

Our Sections




Leadership Gotland, LeGo, is a section under the Rindi student union that represents students belonging to Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. LeGo gathers students who attend programs with a leadership orientation on campus, which are currently the Master's program "Leadership, Quality, Improvement" and the University Engineering program with a focus on leadership and quality development




VisEkon is a section for Business Economics, Social Work students and Law students at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. VisEkon's main purpose is to benefit and represent students in various educational issues. This by strengthening VisEkon as a brand, creating events that enhance your studies and strengthen your ties to the business community - alongside your studies.




GotArk is a body that is the link between Gotland's student union Rindi and archaeology students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. Our responsibility is that you as a student both feel safe during your studies but also that you have fun during the time you study here.




Our section is primarily aimed at the Building Antiquities Program, the Object Antiquities Program, the Preschool Teacher Program, the Primary Teacher Program F-3, the Primary Teacher Program 4-6 and Master's Programme in Cultural Heritage and Sustainability!  Representatives from all programs is our goal!





SVIT is the student union section for those who study System Science or Digital Business Development. Those involved are students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland who want to make the most of their own and others' study time. SVIT organizes activities for everyone. At the same time, we work to improve the quality of studies through our student representatives, to whom you can turn if you want help.


EnVis is aimed to everyone who studies with an environmental science focus. We exist to create coherency and security for our students. Therefore we are here if you have questions concerning your education or if problems have arisen during your studies. We also want to arrange events where both you and we get the opportunity to meet new people.




GGS is the section under Gotlands Student Union Rindi that works for all students studying at the Department of Game Design at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. The main task of GGS is to gather these students under a united banner to bring the students' opinion towards Campus Gotland and the game design department, as well as to organize social or study-related events.



GoS is the subject section for nursing students at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. We work to maintain students' rights during their studies. With support and backing from Rindi, we work actively to develop the education for the better. We also hope to contribute to creating a good community between students, by organizing various social events.

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