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VisEkon is a subject association aimed specifically at business economists, social work and law students at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland.

VisEkon's main purpose is to favour and represent students in various educational issues. This is done by strengthening VisEkon as a brand, creating events and events that gild the study time and strengthen the ties to the business community - side by side with your studies.

Our Work

We in the board are constantly working to make the study time at Campus Gotland as eventful, rewarding and fun as possible! Being on the board should not only mean lots of work but also new experiences, knowledge and belonging to a close-knit group. We believe that it should be fun to get involved voluntarily and for those who choose to sit on the board, this gives you a unique opportunity and experience to write on your CV!

Meet The VisEkon Board

VisEkon's Partners

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