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Leadership Gotland, LeGo, is a section under the Rindi student union that represents students belonging to Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. LeGo gathers students who attend programs with a leadership orientation on campus, which are currently the Master's program "Leadership, Quality, Improvement" and the University Engineering program with a focus on leadership and quality development.


LeGo's board primarily works in terms of student policy to secure the students' quality education and rights, but also has a student social role. LeGo wants to offer its students the best possible study time and therefore organizes events and meetings in parallel with the study policy work.


Contact us if you want to get involved, have views, questions or if you want to recommend an event in the future.

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The LeGo Board:

President: Meribel Sihvola

Vice President: Nathaniel Ndungu

Study Social: Engla Janze

Study Politics: Mark Kurchyn

Business Relations: David Sylven

Finance Manager: Alexander Swedman

Board Member: Julia Vinberg

Board Member: Laurenz Funk

Board Member: Ysabelle Diño

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