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The Guilds

There  is a lot going on at Rindi, and the majority is run on a non-profit basis by our masters and thus our students.

To get involved in a mastery, absolutely no prior knowledge is required - we provide everything from workshops to training relevant to various masters. 


The Sound Guild

The Sound Guild ensures that there is music and lighting for all events, primarily during our Friday evenings. As a member of the guild, you act as a DJ during our events. 


The Event Committee


Purpose is to plan and organize the four main events during the spring and fall semester. These are: Valborg, the Spring formal, Halloween and the Winter formal. We aim to make these events as fun as they possibly can be for you students at Campus Gotland!



The Café Guild

The Cafè Guild is home to volunteers that love to bake and provide others with delicious food and drinks! With us you’ll be meeting new people, baking together, creating menus and events, and run the student cafes. If you have recipes to share, want to get into baking, or would like some company, this is the guild for you!


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The Castle Guild

The Castle Guild works together with our Presidium to maintain Rindiborgen, design and construct smart solutions for the corps' activities and be generally fantastic!


The Kitchen Guild

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The Kitchen Guild, Rindi's student run kitchen! The chefs are the heroes who ensure that our students avoid starvation at a reasonable price. As part of the kitchen team, you'll work with the chefs to create the student union's menu.


The Bar Guild

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The Bar Guild is dedicated to managing the operations of the Rindi Bar and organising events such as Cocktail Night to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for students! The committee is responsible for ensuring that the Rindi Bar offers high quality drinks and service, while promoting a safe and respectful environment for all.


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