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Study monitoring

One of the union's main tasks is to ensure that the students at campus Gotland have as qualitative and legally secure education as possible. As of the fall semester 2018, we have a full-time paid position that works with just this.


The study guardian is here for you by answering questions or pursuing cases against the university. These may concern students not receiving the schedule on time, the student feels unfairly assessed or another case that violates Students' working conditions.

Student and doctoral student representatives

Together with the other student unions at Uppsala University, we at Rindi finance two student and doctoral student representatives in addition to the Vice President with study policy responsibility who is also our study guardian.


If you as a student or doctoral student encounter problems in your education, you are welcome to contact them. It may be that you have ended up in a conflict with the university, want support in disciplinary matters or if you feel unfair or incorrectly treated during your studies.


Student and doctoral student ombudsmen work for all student unions at Uppsala University and provide free assistance to all students and doctoral students. You do not need to be a member of a union for this help. We help you on your terms and do not pursue a case or pass on information if you do not wish to do so.


Ombudsmen can:

- Be a neutral and independent body between you as a student/ doctoral student and

Uppsala University in a possible conflict.

- Help you understand your own rights and obligations.

- Help with complaints.

- Investigate whether Uppsala University complies with the rules in the handling of your case.

and that your rights are protected.


Ombudsmen cannot:

- Advocate on your behalf against Uppsala University when they have followed laws, rules and


- Decide on the matter.

- Instruct or be instructed by units or decision-making bodies at Uppsala University.

- Be an appeal body for matters already dealt with by other units or decision-making bodies at

or decision-making bodies at Uppsala University.

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