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About Us

Gotland Student Union Rindi

The main task of the student union is to safeguard the students' interests by working to ensure that students receive a quality education, a functioning work environment and the opportunity for study social activities. The student union shall also work for a good cooperation with the University, the region and the business community on Gotland, and actively participate in the national arena.


Gotland Student Union Rindi (etbl. 1998) is the students' democratic interest organization and represents all students studying at Uppsala University Campus Gotland.


In our study policy activities, we speak for the students towards the university, monitor the programs at Campus Gotland, and help you with study-related issues. In addition, we are also the meeting place where you can get to know other students, sit and study in Rindiborgen, and have fun with your friends. At Rindi you will not be one of the crowd, you will be one of the community!

Meet Rindi

Presidium and Board 2023/24

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Study policy

We are the organization that works to improve the situation for you as a student on Gotland through advocacy work both to the university and Region Gotland.


You can come to us if you have an opinion or want to influence something that improves the situation for students.


We are also available for those who need help with student law, if you feel mistreated by the university or have opinions about how things are handled on campus.

Study social

Our masteries with our Study Social Chairman manage our study social activities for the students at Campus Gotland, and have committees for everything from gymnastics, choir, and football, to tango and yoga. The masteries also arrange their own things depending on their focus, such as bar activities, kitchen management, DJ, theme parties, and the like.


Sections are subject associations that work towards specific programs. They are not only Rindi's eyes and ears in the classes and coordinate class representatives, but they also organize subject-specific events, such as theme parties, homework help evenings and competitions.


All of this is open to all of our members to try and join, and is something we highly recommend you do.

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