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Of course you should become a member with us!

As a member, you get free entry to the Rindi bar, you can join our guilds, sections and clubs and take advantage of discounts at events! Click around here on our website and you will get more information about everything that is possible!

Have we convinced you? Then you are almost at your goal and we have some information for you




Membership cost 150 SEK per semester


Make sure you have entered your program or course. Otherwise, the system will not find you and you will not be able to become a member


We are one of Uppsala University's student unions and therefore have a common page for membership together with the other unions. Therefore, make sure to type in Gotlands Studentkår Rindi when choosing a union, not for example Gotlands Nation, which is located in Uppsala and does a little different than what we do. Gotland Student Union Rindi is our name


If you are already member, you should receive an invoice automatically to renew!

Alternative ways to become a member

1. Become a member through  

2. You can visit the student union, Rindi Castle, in Visby to become a member directly 

3. You can become a member through Swish.

Swish 150 SEK to 123 669 40 38 (recipient is Gotlands Studentkår Rindi) and write your social security number in the message as follows:


You will not receive a confirmation, but when you have sent 150 SEK you will automatically be registered as a member!


Are you no longer a student?

There is also a kind of membership for those of you who want to support us! A supporting member does not get access to our discounts at businesses in town, and does not have the right to vote at our member meetings, but can participate in all our activities!

Ask us at the office about Support Membership!

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