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Are you looking for housing?

Gotlands Studentbostad is the housing agency for students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland where you can find housing ads from many of Gotland's private landlords and housing companies before the start of the semester. 


At Gotlands Studentbostad you can look for accommodation from both housing companies and private landlords who advertise vacant apartments and rooms.


On the website you will find tips on what you should consider when looking for accommodation, writing a contract and information on home insurance and legal support.


Gotlands studentbostad works closely with the Student Union Rindi, Uppsala University and Region Gotland.

Finding housing before the start of the semester

In mid-July, many new housing ads are published on Gotlands Studentbostad for the fall semester on Campus Gotland. Even in December there are housing ads to apply for the spring semester.


Before the start of the semester, the website is continuously updated with new ads, so remember to monitor the website daily if you are looking for student accommodation.


Welcome to visit the website Gotlands Studentbostad and find your future accommodation

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