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Humanisterna Gotland

Our section is primarily aimed at the Building Conservation program, the Object Conservation Program, the Preschool Teacher Program, the Elementary Teacher Program 1-3, the Elementary Teacher Program 4-6,
Master program in Digital Art history and Master program in the Humanities- Cultural Heritage and Sustainability! Representatives from all programs is our goal!

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Our Work

We are there to help you should any problems arise during your time at Campus Gotland and act as an intermediary together with the Rindi Student Union between you as a student and the University in all possible matters. 

We also organize social events of various kinds, such as sit-ins, barbecue evenings, flea markets and online quizzes.

We like ideas and if you want to get involved or become part of HuGo, it's easy to contact us via our social media! Contact us directly at our email, with ideas, questions or other concerns!

Meet The HuGo Board

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