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Elected Presidium

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Study Political President
Jonas Eriksson

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Works mainly with study policy issues at local and national level. Student housing, CSN, student representation, resources for and quality development of education are just some of the issues involved.

My Work

The main task of the Student Union is to safeguard the students' interests by working to ensure that the students receive a quality education, a functioning work environment and the opportunity for study social activities. The Student Union shall also work for a good cooperation with the University, the region and the business community on Gotland, and actively participate in the national arena. My work includes:

  • Responsible for the unions administratively

  • Listen to the students' needs

  • Work with other unions and organizations

  • Give students on Gotland the best possible student time

  • Represent Rindi in Uppsala

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Study Social President

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Responsible for everything from the Rindi Castle, guilds, events to discount cards and the union's links with the island's business community.

My Work

Student life is so much more than studying. This is the time you create memories and relationships for life, it's also probably where you'll be the poorest in life and also creative. 

Rindi should be what you need, a living room, a study environment, a lunch room - whatever you want. 

My name is Shervin and I am the study social president 2023 - 2024 and I am mainly responsible for the student union house and our social activities. So everything from sittings to making sure there is coffee. To help me, I have our master council with associated masteries, our committee leaders and our sections that form a fantastic team of enthusiasts.

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Vice Political President
Erik Franzén

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Vice president of the student union and student counsellor for the geographical area of Campus Gotland at Uppsala University. Generally helps individual students with study-related problems.

My Work

Student monitoring is the union's main task and it is the union president who is ultimately responsible for the activities. Monitoring the study situation for the students at Campus Gotland, appointing students to various councils and committees, participating in local and national meetings are just some of the things that Rindi works with.

The board has one or two study policy secretaries. These help the chairman to run various study policy projects, sit on the library board, the planning council for Campus Gotland, participate in conferences and other everyday work.

The study guardian is the person who helps you if the university does not fulfil its own guidelines (e.g. if your exam is not corrected in time or if you have been subjected to discrimination). 

The sections also have a study monitoring role, which means that you can always turn to your particular section for help.

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