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On Gotland, like many other student places, we have Overall culture as our student-friendly part. The overall is a piece of clothing that shows who you are and can be worn during student events, non-student events, weekdays and holidays.


The overalls are sold by the sections in their own style, and are available with different accessories.


Colors and type of weft of the sections:

GGS – Discord blue Suspender Pants

EnVis – Green Suspender Pants

GoS –White Overall

GotArk– Black Suspender Pants

HuGo– Blue Overall

LeGo– Pink Overall

VisEkon– Burgundy Overall

SVIT– Turquoise Overall


Design Your OVVE

An impersonal overall can easily become quite boring. You are strongly encouraged to make the overall as personal and original as possible. We are all individuals. Dare to take your place! 


The overall often becomes a more and more valuable garment over time when the student buys patches and other accessories which they then sew or attach to the overall. Patches are the ultimate and most common way students express themselves on their overalls, along with their own nickname.


There is only one universal rule: The overall should only be washed when the student is wearing it.


OVVE Inspiration

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