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Study social

My part of Rindi.

Your life as a student is so much more than studies. This is the time you create memories and relationships for life, when you are probably at your poorest but also your most creative!

Rindi can be what you need, a living room, a study environment, a lunch room - whatever you want.

My name is Orsolya and I am President Social Affairs for Rindi for 22-23.
I have the main responsibility for the Rindi castle and our social activities.
With the help of the masters council, the guilds and the sections, I work on the social part of student life, from sports groups to bar nights! 

If you want to bake cakes, build furniture, start activity groups or just be involved in any way, contact me and I am sure we can find something memorable and fun to spend your time on!


För att komma i kontakt med mig så
kan du maila till

Eller sväng förbi mitt kontor
måndag och torsdag

10:00 - 14:00 på Rindi

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