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Project: Situation Accommodation


Share your story with us

Our aim with this project is to highlight the positive and negative aspects of the housing situation in Gotland for students at Uppsala University Campus Gotland. You are welcome to share your experiences regarding both private landlords and housing companies - we want your stories to be heard in order to gain a better understanding of your experiences and to create a foundation of information that could be used for improving the quality of housing available for our students.

Guidelines for the project:


  • The maximum length of the written text should be around 500 words

  • Please refrain from including any pictures of your landlord or landlady

  • Please don’t highlight a specific housing company or the name of your landlord/landlady

  • Answer these two questions:

  1. Are you an international student?

  2. Would you like it to be anonymous or would you like us to use your name?

Please note that:


  • If you write in Swedish, we reserve the right to translate it into English

  • We will select applicable photos from your submissions and might make adjustments to your text in order to reach better cohesion and understanding

  • We will get back to you to approve the final version of your story if we decide to publish it on our platforms

If you are interested in this but are not comfortable with sharing it in a written format, please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Send your stories to:
with the subject line: “Situation Accommodation”

By sending us your story, you agree for us to use the information you provided.

Feel free to reach out with questions to:

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