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Benefits of joining Rindi

To become a member of Rindi, there are two simple requirements:
That you are studying at Uppsala University Campus Gotland and paying the fee of 150 kr per semester.


So why should you be a member of us? Simple! Because you want a good life both in and outside Uppsala University's halls. We at Rindi are students just like you and we know what curve balls student life can throw at one.


Rindis's most important task is to secure the quality of your studies. You should not feel that you are alone if you are unfairly treated by the school. You invest a lot of money in studying and the money should not feel wasted. We are here for you. We coordinate class representatives and engage students in improving their own and others' student life.

Is there anyone who does not behave? A teacher? Another student? Then you can come to Rindi. Our chairman works just with student affairs and has a duty of confidentiality. Do you want all students from your program with you on a case? Then we have subject sections working on specific programs.


Okay, that was school.
The next question is: What should you do when you finish the day?

Rindi has a wide range of activities, we call them utskott) for its members, ranging from club and bartending to fire juggling and basketball. The vast majority of those activities are students like us. We learn from each other and build a network of contacts directly under our roof!

Do you have experience we do not have? We strongly encourage you to start a committee that is up to date!

In addition, you get free entry to the student club at Rindi during Fridays and Wednesdays. (Exceptions are big evenings and events, such as Halloween, but you always get lower prices than non-members!)

If you engage in Rindi you can as previously mentioned become a bartender, a DJ, work in the kitchen, café etc. 
When you engage we make sure that you'll feel valued and appreciated. 

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