Gotland’s student union Rindi, happily invites you to  this year’s welcoming events!


We in the Lamning project group (Lamningsstab) would like to congratulate you to your admission and welcome you to Campus Gotland by introducing you to one of the greatest events during autumn – the Lamning!

Lamning is the student union Rindi’s annual welcome event for all new students attending Uppsala University Campus Gotland, offering a perfect opportunity to get insight into what it is like to be a student at Campus Gotland and to make friends.

Normally this is two weeks of fun filled activities but due to the unique circumstances this year, it will be a bit different. The following schedule can end up changing. 

Digital Lamning: September 1-3 (from 18.00)

Three nights of digital events, where you will receive information about the student union and have the opportunity to meet students digitally and play fun online games! The digital Lamning will be held on Discord, which you can go ahead and download now. From the Discord we will stream all the activities and you can also use it as a forum to chat with other new students!


Day 1 - Information Day

Meet the people at Rindi through a digital panel and fun videos. Get information about what Rindi does for you and what you can do at Rindi. This is also when you will receive information about how to sign up for the socially distant Lamning. 

Day 2 - Jackbox Tournament

Play fun online party games in smaller groups hosted by our Stab, Shepherds and other wonderful Rindi people. Tried and tested by our bar guild during the beginnig of the pandemic, Jackbox games are fun and random, check out a trailer here. We love Jackbox and hope you will too! You will need two screens to play, one to watch the main stream and another to input your answers, so for example a computer and a phone. 

Day 3 - Pub Quiz

On the final day we will have a pub quiz, hosted by Peace, Rindi´s soundmaster and Vice General for the Lamning. He will quiz you on a wide range of subjects, and you can show off your knowledge either by yourself or in teams with other people on the server.

September 21-23 (18.00-21.00)

Three days of socially distant activities, where you will be divided into small groups, guided by existing students who will show you around Visby a bit more and give you an opportunity to meet new people and ask questions. Only join the socially distant activities if you are comfortable with it and feel healthy. The socially distant Lamning has been organised in accordance with the guidelines of Sweden´s Public Health Agency (see Rindi´s risk assessment here) and facemasks and lots of hand sanitizer will be available! 

To sign up you need to fill in this Google form( and pay in the app Bonsai Campus (

Price: 100 SEK

Day 1 - Welcome Day

Meet your group and your shepherds, who are existing students there to help you find your way around Visby and Campus Gotland. They will lead you through fun games where you will all get to know each other. 

Day 2 - Kalkatraz

You and your team will be going on a scavenger hunt around Visby to take pictures and find lots of different things. When you have the picture you will upload it to a common flow where you can see what the other teams are up to.

Day 3 - Game Day

Each team will receive a bucket full of material for a fun evening filled with games of various nature, based on the themed days a normal Lamning would have!


If you have any questions you can contact us via email (

Hope to see you soon (at a distance)!

Best regards, 

Rindi’s Lamningsstab

The general has the word!

Hello all new students!

My name is Eva Cunningham and I am the Studysocial President of Rindi. I am also the General for this year's Lamning. The Lamningsstab (project group) and I are in charge of the Lamning 2020!

This year it will be a different than usual but the Stab and I have done our best to make the Lamning as fun and as safe as it can be!

If you have any questions regarding the Lamning you are more than welcome to contact me at

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