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Gotland's student union, Rindi, happily invites you to this year's welcome activities!


We in the Lamning project group (Lamningsstab) would like to congratulate you on your admission and welcome you to Campus Gotland by introducing you to one of the greatest events during autumn – the Lamning!

Lamning is the student union Rindi’s annual welcome event for all new students attending Uppsala University Campus Gotland, offering a perfect opportunity to get insight into what it is like to be a student at Campus Gotland, living in Visby and to meet new people. Lamningen can be compared to other universities kick-off events, but with a touch of Gotland so the new students get a fun first experience as a student in Visby. 


The Lamning will take place August 31 - September 9, filled with fun games and activities.


TICKETS: The tickets are now available at Orbi and costs 399 SEK, which includes an 8 days long fun event, as well as a lamningskit and fun after-parties. This is something you don´t wanna miss out on!




Day 1 - Welcoming day


The first day of Lamningen begins with a welcome speech by this years generals and representatives of Gotlands Student Union Rindi. Then you will meet your assigned groups and shepherds. The shepherds are students at the university who are there to guide you through Visby and be your leaders throughout Lamningen. They have prepared fun games and activities where you will all get to know each other. 



Day 2 - Water day


This day you will compete in a heptathlon, 7 different fun games with a water inspired theme togehter with your shepherds and the stab (Lamnings project group). You will get wet, so wear clothes according to “weather”!



Day 3 - MelVin


Each team will be assigned a watermelon filled with a secret liquid ;). The task is for the team to drink and eat the whats inside of the watermelon, and then use the remaining of the watermelon to do something creative with it. Then your team will go on a catwalk in front of the stab. After that each team will receive material to pimp a team flag, that your will have until the last day of the Lamning. 



Day 4 - Kalkatraz 


All the teams will meet outside of the Rindi Castle where you will be assigned a list of challenges. Togehter with your team you will walk around in Visby and gather point, by accomplish different tasks or finding certain items. At the end of the day, the stab will go through your list and give out points for what you accomplished. 



Day 5 -  Section day


The Lamnings projectgroup have a day of, and the board of each section will be taking over for the day. You will meet your sections that you belong to depending on which program your attending at the university. The different sections will send out individual information, and you will spend the day with fun activities your section board has planned for you. 



Day 6 - Rindi castle day


On this day you will get to see the inside of the Student Union Rindis castle, and find out more about what Rindi does and who works there. We will have different activities and challenges around the castle, for you to take part of the entire Student Union. 



Day 7 - Heptathlon day


We will meet up at Strandgärdet where we have planned 7 different stations with games where all the teams get the chance to compete against each other to win points. On this day you would want to were comfortable clothes if you want to go all in. 



Day 8 - Final day


The final countdown. The lamnings groups will be pitted against each other in a serious and intense game of Capture the flag. We will also be joined by the Rindi Fire Guild that will perform a show for us. Then we will end the Lamning together at Strandgärdet where we will mingle, dance and listen to music!

There will also be a finer event, called Gasque, after lamningen (September 16). This is a fancy dinner and a afterparty with accompanying entertainment, talk and spex. The ticketsale for the Gasque is separately, more info is coming soon.

If you have any questions,

please contact us by email: 


Follow us on Instagram: @lamning22

Hope that we'll see each other soon!


Rindi's Lamnings Stab

The general has the word!

Hello all new students!


This is  Levi Sandahl and Emma Larsson, and we are the two co-generals for this years Lamning. 

Our responsibility is to plan and present this years introduction to all new students, together with our lamningsstab. We are so glad for this opportunity to be in charge of the Lamning, and we hope it will be a fun experience and a warm welcome to Visby as a student. 


We are looking forward to getting to know you all!


If you have any questions regarding the Lamning you are more than welcome to contact us at


See you all in the fall!


  • Levi Sandahl and Emma Larsson.

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