Hello, glad you found your way here!

We in the Lamning committee first of all want to congratulate you on your admission and welcome you to Campus Gotland by introducing you to one of the autumn's greatest events - The Lamning 2020!

The Lamning is an annual welcoming event for all the new students at Campus Gotland that is arranged by Gotland’s Student Union Rindi. The Lamning is a great opportunity to get an insight into the life of a student on Gotland and to meet new friends.

The event takes place between 31st August and September 11th.  The two weeks are wrapped up with a fancy dinner (Gasque). The activities during the Lamning will take place after school hours starting at 18.00 until around 21.00, afterwards the studentbar opens for business.

The Lamning is THE event of the year on Gotland. With games, activities and competitions, new students form good relations with each other and get to know both new and old students on campus. This is YOUR chance to create memories and friends for life, we in the Lamnings committee look forward to meeting you soon!

​To participate in the Lamning 2020 you need a Lamningkit. The Lamningkit is a goodie - bag filled with different things that serves as your ticket to the event. You will have the opportunity to purchase your Lamnings-kit during your first days on campus. You will also be able to purchase your ticket for the Gasque at the same time!

If you want to know more about the Gasque click the link below!

This is something you dont´t want to miss - we promise you!

We´ll see you soon!

Price for Lamningkit: 250SEK

Lamningen sponsors:

The general has the word!

Hello all new students!

My name is Eva Cunningham and I study a master’s in cultural heritage and sustainability. My project group and I will be in charge of the Lamning 2020!

This year, we have done everything we can to make this year's Lamning the best one yet and give you memories for life! We really hope that you will hang out with us, other new students and old ones during the two first weeks of your new semester.

If you have any questions regarding the Lamning or the Gasque, you are more than welcome to contact me at

When: August 31st to September 11th.

Where:  You will find a map over the area here.  Every day has its own planned activity, for a complete schedule of the lamning, collect a lamning brochure at Rindi.


When: 10 days of avtivities that will not only help you get to know your way around Visby but also help you get to know the university, studentbody Rindi and your lamning team that may become your friends for life!