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The Gasque is an opportunity to celebrate the end of this year's Lamning, as well as a grand opening to the new semester with a lovely evening of great energy and a good atmosfere. The Gasque is a finer event that consists of a pre-mingle and dinner.

The students on campus Gotland enjoy dinner together at Donner's hotel, with accompanying entertainment. After dinner, a DJ is expected and a fun evening with lots of dancing and singing. We would like to motivate everyone to buy a ticket to the Gasque, in order to take part in the kickoff of the new academic year.

Tickets will be sold via the Orbi app. Information about the app and how it works can be found on Lamningen's official instagram @lamning22.


Rindi-members: 475kr 

Non Rindi-members: 525kr 

We wish all students on campus Gotland a warm welcome and hope you will share this evening with us, see you soon.

For questions or concerns, contact, @lamning22 (instagram), alternatively the representatives in your section.

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