Bar Guild

The barguild runs and organises the Rindi Bar.

We are open Wednesdays 18-22 and Fridays 18-22.


Do you want to come party with us?


If you are a member at Rindi or a student at Uppsala University Campus Gotland, you’re always welcome!

Rindi members can bring a guest that doesn’t go to Campus Gotland by signing them up on the guestlist up to an hour before the event starts.

“It’s like home but the alcohol never runs out”

We have an amazing barteam made up of students from Campus Gotland. We are always looking for more people so if you want to learn how to make drink and what it’s like to work in a bar let us know! You will receive discount cards and get to participate in the annual Guild party.

Contact the barmaster at


Wednedsdays: 6 pm - 10 pm

Fridays: 9 pm - 2 am

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Guild masters: