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Board Communications Officer


The Board Communications Officer is responsible for the communications channels that are used to share information to members and other students at Campus Gotland. This requires a close contact with the presidium as well as masters and section responsibles. Described below are the communications channels and how the work is carried out. 

Information Dump - Each month there is an information letter that is put up in on all toilet doors in the union building and in the buildings around Campus Gotland. This should include the social and student political events happening in the upcoming month, together with additional information about eventual member meetings or similar. To be able to put this together the Communications Officer needs to gather information from relevant parties (board, election committee, sections, guilds, etc.) and compile it all in one A4-document that are put up on all toilets. 

Message Board - It is the Communications Officer’s task to maintain the large message board located behind the reception in the B-building and the small message board in the D-building. This includes organizing the information that is put up and continuously clear away that which is outdated.

Facebook - Facebook is used continuously for internal and external communication. The Communications Officer works together with other active Rindi members to maintain internal and external Facebook pages. 

Instagram - Instagram is used by the presidium and guilds but also weekly by the sections. This means that if a section is hosting an event they receive access to Rindi’s Instagram during the week the event is taking place. The Communications Officer makes sure that this works smoothly. 

Other marketing and communication - As a Communications Officer there is also the freedom to extend one’s commitments and work with other types of marketing projects. For example producing commercials, making posters and so on. There also exists the possibility for the Communications Officer to work together with the presidium and work with the internal communication that requires continuous improvement. 

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