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Quality Assurance

The student union’s main task is to safeguard the interests of the students by ensuring the students are given good quality education, a good study environment and access to social activities. The student union also strives to establish good cooperation with the university, the region and the trade and industry on Gotland to play an active role on the national arena.

Gotlands Studentkår Rindi (founded in 1998) is a democratic interest organisation for the students. It represents all students who are studying at Uppsala University Campus Gotland.

Through our study-related policy activities, we act on behalf of the students with regard to the university, we monitor the study programmes at Campus Gotland and help students with study-related issues.

Study-related policy

Rindi is an organisation that strives to bring about improvements for students on Gotland through lobbying activities at both the university and Region Gotland.

You can come to us if you have any views or want to change something that would improve things for students.

We are also here if someone needs legal assistance, for example, if you feel you have been badly treated by the university or have an issue about how something has been handled at the campus.

If you have troubles with a teacher, a course, a class mate, the working environment or anything else, come to us. Our president exists to help you.


Send an email to or give us a call: 0707 18 31 09



We have a wide range of activities you can get involved in. If you are interested in an activity, you can email and you will be forwarded to the right person.

To make everything easier, we have also created links to the activities’ Facebook groups in the list below.

To stay updated about news, events and what’s going on at the union, join our Facebook group Rindi Studentkår.


Clubs (utskott)

The clubs are pure activity groups and any member can start, lead or join a club. (Circumstances permitting, of course!)

At present, we have the following clubs:


Basket ball

Football (Soccer)

Jester’s Club (Fire artistry, acrobatics)

Floor ball


Patchwork club (creates patches for your overall)


Tango (leader is needed)

Yoga (leader is needed)



Guilds (mästerier)

The guilds are larger organisations within Rindi that each has a specific area of responsibility. Each guild is led by a guild master who is chosen by Rindi’s board.


The Bar Guild ensures the pub and club are open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The Builder’s Guild takes care of our building. They see to all repairs and also do new construction work.

The Café Guild ensures the student café is open on Wednesdays from 15.00-19.00.

The Kitchen Guild cooks food for pub evenings and other gatherings.

The Party Guild, a.k.a. RaukSex, organises events.

The Sound Guild trains DJs and is responsible for music at club evenings.



The Guest list

Admission to the bar is usually free of charge for members after they have proven their union membership (student union ID card or other proof, for instance, membership payment receipt). There are a few exceptions, such as Halloween and other special events.

Members (regular and honorary members, but not supporting members) can also register a guest on the guest list.

Guests on the guest list AND other students (non-members) with an Uppsala University (UU) card pay a SEK 50 entrance fee for the bar.

Registering a guest

Note that the guest list is printed out one hour before the event starts so you must register your guest before then.

When your guest arrives at Rindi, you must of course be there so that we can verify your own membership.

Please fill in the information asked for below to register someone on the guest list.

(By clicking on “Send”, you confirm that the information is correct and give consent to it being used for the guest list.


The Sections

The Sections are subject societies that are linked to specific programmes. The sections are Rindi’s eyes and ears out in the classrooms and they coordinate class representatives. They also organise subject-specific events such as themed parties, homework assistance evenings and competitions.

Although the sections are linked to specific areas, everyone can choose any section they like.

Below you can see the sections that Rindi has and what areas they are affiliated to.


EnVis (Environmental students Visby) – Environmental Science

GAME – Game design, Web programming

GoS (Gotlands Sjuksköterskor) – Nursing Programme

GotArk (Gotlands Arkeologistudenter) – Archaeology, Osteology

HuGo (Humanisterna på Gotland) – Artefacts curator, Architectural curator, Liberal Arts, Primary school teacher

LeGo (Ledarskap på Gotland) – Leadership & Quality Improvement, Engineers

VisEkon (VisbyEkonomerna) – Economics, Law